Web development

Our History

Desitech founded to develop various fields of technology and to give the world ua style of creativity in design

  1. Team size 4 as family business

    we were 4 and started to work as freelancers for customers in the middle east and europe.

  2. reached 250 customers

    Through our professional work, we were able to reach 250 clients within a year, and we were able to leave our mark in various fields.

  3. Launched our website

    Because of the increase in customers and our need to refer to them, in order for them to reach us, we developed and published our own website and started laying the foundations, to launch our company

  4. Reached 750 customers

    With a great marketing team, we were able to reach 500 customers in half the time it needed to reach the middle of this number.

  5. Reached 1000 customers

    Once again, the marketing team was able to overcome itself and raise the number of our customers to more than 1000

  6. Team size increased to 20

    We were able to bring together a number of programmers, designers and marketers to form several teams and divisions highly professional to provide the customer with the best services ever.